Helping Hand

Lance Howell

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"Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are helping." - Fred Rogers Mom

I finished writing this song around the beginning of August, 2020. Going on 3 months into this pandemic, I got to a point where the isolation, the constant news cycles, the social media and the overall helplessness that I felt looming everyday got to me. Some days I'd just sit in the backyard watching the birds play in the birdbath and listen to music or read a book, occasionally picking up the guitar to work on things. My family has some underlying health issues, so we've been hunkered down a little more than most and extremely diligent with any access to or from the outside world. One of the hardest parts in all of this for me has been the simple fact that I can't go to or play shows anymore, and who knows for how long at this point. The entire music industry is barely hanging on. From the musicians and artists, all the way to small and major venues. I miss shows. I miss hearing a group of people singing along to and sharing that moment together. Some of the best moments in my life have happened either on the stage or in the crowd. With that in mind I put an open call out on the internet to anyone that might want to contribute some background vocals. What I received from a group of friends, acquaintances and musicians I'd met through the years, warmed my heart and did everything I'd hoped to do with this song. It brought people together and I got to hear that again. I wanted this song to feel like a breath of fresh air or an audible hug. For myself, at the time, and anyone else that listens to it. Given our current situation and the music venues around the country that are closing everyday, I want to try to help them in any way I can. I plan on donating $1 of every download to the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund to help the #saveourstages initiative until the pandemic has ended, the remaining 50 cents will go toward finishing my next full length record that I'm currently working on. Right now I'm about 80% finished and more or less just need the money to add drums and get it mastered.

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